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Lizard Tongue Game

Lizard Tongue Game

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Immersive Game play

"Lizard Lunge" takes young adventurers on a journey through the wild where they become clever chameleons with one mission: catch tasty bugs with their retractable tongues. It's a game that fosters strategy, quick thinking, and plenty of giggles.

Two Lizard Masks

Each game set includes not one, but two lizard masks, complete with retractable tongues that kids can use to "capture" their prey (cards) in a hilarious and entertaining way.

Colorful Cards

The set comes with a deck of vibrantly illustrated bug cards, each featuring different insects with point values. Kids will love the challenge of catching the highest-scoring bugs while avoiding those pesky, less valuable ones.

Interactive and Educational

"Lizard Lunge" encourages interactive play and social engagement. It's not only about fun but also about enhancing memory, fine motor skills, and strategic thinking in a dynamic and exciting environment.

Perfect for Parties

Whether it's a birthday bash or a casual playdate, "Lizard Lunge" is an excellent choice for children's gatherings. It keeps kids entertained while fostering healthy competition and cooperation.

Compact and Portable

"Lizard Lunge" is designed to be easily packed away and transported, making it perfect for family trips, vacations, or visits to friends and relatives.

Leap into Adventure

"Lizard Lunge" is not just a board game; it's a wild adventure for kids. With the two lizard masks and retractable tongues, your little ones can immerse themselves in a world of chameleons and bugs, sparking their creativity and delight.

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