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Ultimate Pet Walk Collar with a Flashlight

Ultimate Pet Walk Collar with a Flashlight

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Convenience - Illuminates Your Path

Our pet collar features a built-in flashlight that provides a bright and steady beam, ensuring you and your pet's safety in low-light conditions. With this collar, you can confidently explore the world together, no matter the time of day.

Safety - Long Retractable Leash

Leash Freedom Experience newfound freedom during walks with our innovative 3-meter long retractable leash. This leash allows your pet to roam and explore while maintaining your control. It's perfect for both those quick potty breaks and long, leisurely walks in the park.

Stylish - Storage design 

Convenient Storage Our pet walk collar is not just about lighting the way; it's also designed for your convenience. It features a discreet compartment that holds garbage bags, ensuring you're always prepared to clean up after your pet. No more carrying messy bags in your hands or pockets.

Handy - Battery Life

Power That Lasts Powered by a robust 5000 mAh battery, this collar is ready for extended adventures. The battery capacity ensures your flashlight remains bright and reliable during your entire walk, even on the longest of outings.

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